Serpa Automotive Group

"I'd say, since starting the Program, 20% of our customers have chosen us over the competitor, and also made the decision to purchase more quickly and with greater confidence." ... continue reading

- Frank Serpa, Dealer Principal, Serpa Automotive Group

Shnier (FloorsFirst Canada)

"Initially, I thought there was a chance that I would be rewarding customers who would have purchased from us anyway. Rather than speculating, I conducted a 3-week survey of my customers to find out if giving Miles would actually impact their buying decision. I was surprised to find out that the majority of my customers considered getting Miles a significant factor in deciding where to shop." ... continue reading

- Vanessa Johnson , Shnier Assistance Manager, Marketing Programs & FloorsFirst Member Support

Sisley Honda

"We are having a tremendous year and have had progressive growth since launching our Program. I am confident that AIR MILES® has been a part of that success." ... continue reading

- Hugh Sisley, President, Sisley Honda

Spartan Industrial Marine

"Everyone says we have great service. We have years of industry experience, the best products on the market, and highly trained staff. Now we can say to our customers, ‘You get all these things and we can give you AIR MILES® Reward Miles too’. Every day, we work towards setting ourselves apart and being a leader in our industry, a loyalty program gives us an extra boost in a competitive market." ... continue reading

- Lorna Bateman, Marketing Manager, Spartan Industrial Marine

Spring Fresh Mat & Linen Rentals Ltd.

"Our new AIR MILES® program definitely helped us save this major account and as such, has already paid for itself!" ... continue reading

- Patrick Earle, General Manager, Spring Fresh Mat & Linen Rentals Ltd

Surgo Surgical Supply

"Becoming a part of the AIR MILES® Reward Program has given us an added value that few can match and gives us a chance to associate our business with one of the most recognized brands in Canada." ... continue reading

- Hugo Jeffrey, VP of Business Development, Surgo Surgical Supply

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