Canadian Freightways - Attract Customers and Increase Spend

"AIR MILES reward miles generated growth in overall customer base and drove a significant increase in average revenue per user (ARPU)." ... continue reading

- Canadian Freightways Corporate Incentives

Global Commercial Finance - Differentiation and Increased Sales

"Year after year, we are working very hard to increase our market share with an eye on always offering more to our faithful clientele. The AIR MILES Program forms an integral part of our customer satisfaction plan that was conceived and instigated by Globale Commercial Finance." ... continue reading

- Mathieu LeFebvre, Vice President, Fall 2011

Major City Draws a Crowd with Bonus Cards

"Adding AIR MILES reward miles to the event sparked positive response from participants and successfully drove increased participation." ... continue reading

- AMBC Event Case Study

Project Performance Program - Improve Employee Performance

"Employee turnover for the group being rewarded was less than half of those in control group ." ... continue reading

- Project Performance Program

ReidBuilt Homes - Steer Buyers to Home of the Month

"ReidBuilt Homes has used AIR MILES as part of the promotion package for its successful Home of the Month program for nearly two years. We believe AIR MILES has been a help in differentiating us from our competition." ... continue reading

- Jeremy Main, Marketing Manager, Fall 2010

Sierra Dental - AIR MILES a Key Element to 20% Growth

"We experienced 20 percent growth last year and AIR MILES was one of the key elements. Based on patients request, we are looking at expanding the Program to 1 reward mile for every $20 spent on all dental expenses." ... continue reading

- Dr. Murray Knebel, Owner of Sierra Dental for Dental Wellness and Sierra Studio

Sierra Dental - Employee Incentive to Promote Products and Next Appointment Booking

"Staff spent less time reminding people of their appointments. With 60 employees, it was hard to determine what type of reward each individual would like - with AIR MILES, they can choose the reward they want." ... continue reading

- Dr. Murray Knebel, Owner of Sierra Dental for Dental Wellness and Sierra Studio

Western Union - National Contest Increases Transactions

"AIR MILES is one of the most recognized loyalty brands in Canada. As a marketer, why wouldn't I want to tap into that consumer pool?!” Overall the AIR MILES Bonus Card program was not only cost effective and easy to implement, but it also allowed us to utilize it in a tactical manner, without having to switch over our entire loyalty program." ... continue reading

- Joycelyn David, Senior Marketing Manager of Western Union Canada