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Looking to attract new customers, boost sales and get repeat business?

Have you wondered if a loyalty program would benefit your business, but aren’t sure where to start? Our team has decades of experience designing loyalty program solutions for businesses across many industries - all with their own unique objectives. This eBook will explore the many benefits and strategies behind building a successful loyalty program for your business.

You will learn:

  • How traditional methods of attracting customers have changed
  • How customer behaviours shift as a result of loyalty programs
  • Why a superior customer experience is critical to business success today
  • How retaining customers has a positive impact on your bottom line
  • Why a loyalty program isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies anymore
  • The 5 main types of loyalty programs and their pros and cons

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99% brand awareness nationwide
2/3 of all Canadian households
11+ million AIR MILES accounts
40+ billion reward miles issued
1,000 collector card swipes every minute
25 years of changing consumer behaviour
1,200+ Rewards to choose from
200+ retail partners across Canada
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