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Loyalty Card Makeover: We get rid of the clutter

When it comes to collecting points and rewards, Canadians are a loyal bunch. More than nine out of 10 adults belong to at least one rewards program and the average person has at least four of these ... continue reading

Loyalty Programs Why Not You?

Now one of North America's most successful loyalty programs, Air Miles was the first to bring together a coalition of retail partners to reward repeat customers with, among other things, airline ... continue reading

New Generation of Business: Connecting Employee Loyalty with Customer Loyalty

Successful companies have loyal employees. They also have loyal customers. But the question for researchers and consultants for the past two decades is how these two groups are related, if at all. ... continue reading

The New Champion Customers

If your only goal is to measure the ROI of an individual WOM campaign, then there are many tools available to marketers. If your goal is to cultivate and encourage ongoing, profitable customer WOM ... continue reading

The Power of Merchant-Funded Rewards in a Recession.

This paper explains the challenges, roles and benefits of adding merchant-funded reward solutions to your loyalty-marketing arsenal ... continue reading

Time to Reward: How Long it Will Take to Get that Flight (or Toaster)

The loyalty industry may only be a few decades old, but it does have its folklore. And chief among it is the tale of the human spreadsheet — consumers enrolled in so many programs, they need an ... continue reading

Under the Radar: Ten Trends Loyalty Marketers Might Not See Coming in 2013

Today's loyalty marketers are struggling with major trends that are redefining the industry. Issues raised by social media, mobile marketing, consumer acuity and an uncertain economy are all ... continue reading

When Employees aren't Happy, then the Company isn't Happy

Remember that saying: “When Mom isn’t happy, then no one is happy.” It’s true. I’m a mom. So I would know. I also know the same can be said for employee engagement. When your employees ... continue reading

When it Comes to Winning Consumers, Loyalty Starts at the Home Office

Lots of the news hits home when it comes to operating a business, but one recent stat all but reached off the page and slapped me on the cheek. That stat, courtesy of Bain: While 34 percent of ... continue reading

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