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8 Strategies for Promoting Small Business Loyalty Programs

Global brands, airlines, and supermarket chains have mastered the art of running dynamic loyalty programs, with sign-up incentives and lucrative rewards that customers can’t seem to pass up. ... continue reading

AIR MILES® Reward Miles and survey participation

A possible answer to one of the toughest problems researchers face – getting people to answer surveys – has come in the form of Air Miles: giving consumers points just as they get by shopping ... continue reading

Covert Loyalty. Treat, or Trick

Last week I received an invitation to join Zappo’s VIP loyalty program. Of course I knew it existed. I had heard that it was a model of customer service and smart CRM. But the last few times I shopped ... continue reading

Face Off. Test and learn versus the leap to launch: Two program launch strategies go head to head

Should you test and pilot to build the perfect program, or just launch to get it out to customers quickly and modify it once in market? Retailers around the world openly debate this issue — and while I have ... continue reading

Going Green: Pragmatic to Reward Companies for Turning to Conferencing over Traveling

It always feels good when you do your bit for the environment, but it feels twice as good when you’re rewarded for it. And that’s about to actually happen with Pragmatic Conferencing, a Canadian, ... continue reading

Inside Employees' Minds

Mercer's proprietary What's Working™ survey, which examines employee views on work, was conducted over the past two quarters among nearly 30,000 workers in 17 countries, including more ... continue reading

Loyalty & Rewards: Make The Most Out of What's Yours

How entrepreneur Joseph Morin used his passion for reward programs to launch his business ... continue reading

Loyalty and Rewards

Along with Mediaplanet Publishing, co-produced a new Loyalty & Rewards supplements distributed in USA Today. In this issue, articles on loyalty, Q&A with a panel of loyalty experts, and others. ... continue reading

Loyalty Card Makeover: We get rid of the clutter

When it comes to collecting points and rewards, Canadians are a loyal bunch. More than nine out of 10 adults belong to at least one rewards program and the average person has at least four of these ... continue reading

Loyalty Programs Why Not You?

Now one of North America's most successful loyalty programs, Air Miles was the first to bring together a coalition of retail partners to reward repeat customers with, among other things, airline ... continue reading

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